Computer Numerical Control



CNC Machining

Computer numerically controlled machine (CNC) tools form the basis of flexible manufacturing systems and computer integrated manufacturing systems. CNC machines make the most important means for CAD/CAM technologies today. In our tutor course, CNC programming of Sinumerik 840 D, Heidenhain TNC 310 and iTNC530 is supported mainly.

These systems are widely used on over the world and know-how ho to use them for production of complex parts allows to our students to succeed in getting job in our country and abroad.


A piece of history

The fundamentals of CNC machining trace to the end of the Second World War and the aircraft and missile project of the U.S. Force that could not be fulfil by conventional machining. Under contract to the U.S. Force the Parsons Corporation undertook a development o a flexible manufacturing system, designed to maximise productivity by emphasizing details required to achieve desired accuracies. The Parsons Corporation subcontracted a development of a control system for driving a slide lead screw through an interface as instructed by the output of a computer to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in 1952. The MIT met the challenge successfully and in 1952 demonstrated a Cincinnati Hydrotel milling machine equipped with the new technology, which was named Numerical Control (NC) and used a pre-punched tape as the input media. Since 1952, practically every machine tool manufacturer in the Western World has converted part or all of its product to NC.




John Parsons, Parsons Corporation, Michigan
Development of a control system that directed a spindle to many points in succession.


Servomechanism Laboratory of Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
Added computer to Parsons system



Cincinnati Milicron Hydro-Tel Vertical Spindle Milling Machine
First three-axis numerically controlled, tape-fed machine tool



NC was announced to public



First production NC machines were
delivered and installed


1960 - up today

NC and CNC machine tools commonly available